Carpet washing

All carpets, entrance mats, rugs, blankets, etc., are washed at our specialized base in the city of Sofia.


The service is offered all year round. You can place your orders Monday to Friday within the business hours (09:00 am to 06:00 pm) at the phone below, answered by our operators on duty:

tel: 0700 201 88

mob: 0885 888 777


At the time of pickup from the customer’s

At the time of pickup from the customer’s address, the carpet/s must be rolled-up and placed by the entrance door.



Quality claims are only accepted at the time of delivery, with the carpet being unwrapped by our staff in the customer’s presence. No quality claims will be recognized should the customer refuses to accept the carpet as described above. ,


The customer number

The customer number is a basic means of his/her identification in our system and should be kept by the customer until the complete fulfilment of the order.



Bonanza – Bachorski shall not be responsible for carpets, which are torn due to improper use, burnt, decomposed, showing untwined side seams, eaten by moths, stained or discolored.


In case of apartment above floor 2 in a building without a lift is charged 5lv.


In case of unsolicited order or in case of inability to contact the customer after 30 days from the order is ready – 1lv.per day wardrobe.


Minimum order value of 10lv.

PRICES for one-off service:

The price of STANDARD SERVICE is:

Execution time – 7 (seven) to 10 (ten) business days.
The price of service of STANDARD SERVICE is:

For Sofia – 3,99 BGN per sq.m.
For Plovdiv – 1,20 BGN per kg.

Washing of single silk carpets simple order 12 lv / sq.m
Tapping, washing, softening and drying of carpet over 15 sq.m price-9lv / sq.m.
Tapping, washing, softening and drying of carpet over 30 sq.m price negotiable

Express service

Express service: Includes treatment and door-to-door delivery within 3 (three) to 4 (four) business days, with guaranteed execution and observance of the sequence of all carpet treatment operations. Bonanza – Bachorski reserves the right to refuse express orders depending on the seasonal workload, territorial schedules, type of carpet and similar factors affecting the operative capacities for adequate performance.


For Sofia – 7,00 BGN per sq.m.
For Plovdiv – 2,40 BGN per kg.

Carpet washing express order – 7 lv / sq.m
Washing of single silk carpets express order 22 lv / sq.m
Washing and ironing of curtains (thin) – price 8lv / pc Express price 12 lv / pcs
Washing and ironing of curtains (thick) – price 10lv / pc Express price 15 lv / pcs

Note: All above prices are final for the customer! The price of the services provided by Bonanza – Bachorski incorporates all costs for transportation, professional machinery, chemical products and equipment, as necessary for the ordered type of cleaning and washing.

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